As you can see below, we offer various services, but the best option is to make a plan. Expatriating implies a radical change, which embraces your personal legal situation, your business, your money. Each element affects the others and makes your choices rather difficult.

Our clients usually start by applying for a pre-expatriation assessment, which is free in case of approval. It is meant to get to know each other, to gather the elements for a personalized plan, and to decide whether we are going to work together.

Expatriation Advice

A personalized plan or a second opinion.

We deal with residence for tax purposes for you and/or your business, attractive residence patterns, pension funds, bank accounts, fiscal optimization.

Visas and residence schemes

We help you discover and choose the right countries and residence patterns for you, your family and your business.

We guide you through getting the suitable visa or residence, backed up by our international network.

Company formation

We set up legal entities so that you can manage your business, and/or your properties, while minimizing your taxes.

We strongly advise against setting up companies without being aware of the legal and fiscal consequences.