By using our website, accessing our consultancy service and participating in our programs, you will get guidance, information, written guides and suggestions that are the result of our experience, and of the work developed with our international network of accountants, lawyers and corporate service providers.

Our advice is neither legal, nor fiscal consultancy.

We advise you to always verify the legislative sources of the information that leads to a certain decision.

We suggest that you don’t count on information coming from a source you have not verified, either if it is provided by us or by any other professionals.

We encourage you to consult legally entitled professionals, both in your country and in the countries that you are considering.

There are local professionals who have in-depth knowledge about their respective countries, but have no competence on other countries’ legal systems, nor experience on the business models and needs that are common among expats (i.e. digital businesses).

Local professionals offer specific competence that does not embrace the laws of your home country, and that disregards the knowledge of your specific domestic situation, your life and work projects.

We strongly reiterate the invitation to exhaustively verify the sources of the information, and to rely on legally entitled professionals in your country and in the countries of interest.

If you wish, we can help you choose legally entitled professionals in your home country, and give you access to our international network of authorized local professionals, to provide you with specific information and tailored guidance for your situation at home and abroad.

If you wish to proceed, or to seek further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us.