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Dear friend,

years ago I was exactly where you are right now.

I was planning the internationalization of my business and my life, looking to get my freedom back, away from a not-so-ethical country.

After years of research and experience, I realized I could have changed country a lot sooner, had I found the competent professionals I needed.

Perhaps you too, like many others, are confused, and afraid of making serious mistakes.

Maybe you’re reading generic and inconclusive comments in Facebook groups.

Or you could be thinking of hiring an immigration lawyer, in a country that looks suitable to you.

A country and a lawyer that may be totally wrong for you.

I have spoken to others who ended up throwing away €70.000 using this dangerous DIY approach, and they had to start from scratch again.

Thanks to the experiences and researches I have carried out throughout the last few years, I have developed the 3-steps process to guide you as you change your life in another country.

If you are ready to save on taxes and to live a new life, we can move forward.

To get to know each other, and to decide whether we’ll be working together, I’m offering you a free pre-internationalization assessment.

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