You want to discover the world, and enjoy working on your business away from bureaucracy and corruption. You want to pay less taxes.

You want to build a thriving future for you and your family.

If you’re here, there is a reason.

fortunately you are not alone


My name is Mario Gastaldi.

I’ve helped hundreds of clients and startups in 77 countries.

While I was developing my clients’ businesses, I travelled, lived and worked in every continent.

Today, I’m helping you with your new adventure abroad. I will share my experience and knowledge. And you will be able to change country safely, without risks.


You don't have to take this important step without a guide, at risk of serious, even irreparable, mistakes. 

We offer  solutions, programs, methodologies to make your dream come true. You will create a new business abroad, or move your current one. 

We provide support for your retirement in a new country; we offer solutions for your investments in a new country that is beautiful, stable and friendly in terms of taxation and bureaucracy.

Like you, many want to move to a new country

Never so many.

But there is no school to teach you how to plan and organize your move to a new country. 

And you need protection from serious mistakes that can compromise your future.

We work for you to make your dream come true.

By moving to a new country you have access to a new life. You have opportunities you would never have thought possible. But it can be daunting. There are so many laws you need to comply with.

During these many years I learned, and I continue researching the secrets that new expats need to master to move and live abroad with the confidence that everything will work out well.

We give you guidance on such topics as: tax residency country of incorporation for your business and which legal structure you should choose, the most attractive residency and second passport opportunities in your specific circumstances

other things ... 

L'Impresa (part of the Sole 24 Ore Group), regularly published Mario's articles. 

He led the organizational development and internal communication project for Novartis Oncology Region Europe, introducing innovations that positively impacted the way of working and communicating in the 27 countries where Novartis operates.

Mario organized and led the conclusive learning experience for the MBA students at the University of Mauritius. "The students have had a learning opportunity we didn't think possible" was one of the recurring comments.

With his blog Sviluppo delle Organizzazioni, he has been one of the thinkers in the area of organizational change in Italy, from 2005 until 2012.

He was a regular speaker at SMAU in Milan, Padua, Bologna.
Multiple times he spoke at the Enterprise 2.0 Business Forum, a point of reference in the European digital marketing landscape.
Mario gave multiple speeches and lessons to students and colleagues at the Copenhagen Business School.

He led the Marketing Strategy project for Kronos International in London. Guided the management team in a prolonged exercise of strategic planning that produced coherent marketing strategies for such diverse markets as China, Latin America, Europe and South East Asia. 

Mario, in the last 8 years has been focused on supporting entrepreneurs and retirees move to a new country, providing support in the choice of the best residence schemes, personal tax residency, and company taxation. 

He shares his experience and makes everything he learned and he continuously researches accessible for the people like you who want to make the dream of moving to another country become true. Like he did.