Get your freedom back. Move to a new country.


Grow your business, and enjoy your life.


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Dear friend,

I know, you have been thinking about this for a long time. You are talented, creative and determined. Your home country does not allow you to make the best use of your initiative or to enjoy the freedom you deserve.

You have plenty of ideas and projects. Perhaps you own a business, or assets, and have already proven how capable you are.

But now that’s it, you are tired. Your country does not give you enough room and leaves you with no other choice.

You want to get away from the bureaucracy and the weight of a taxation you feel is unfair.

You want to leave your country.

The opportunity to move abroad is right in front of you. But you face challenges.

What country?

How to choose? On what criteria? Which country, town or situation best matches what you and your family love?

Your work

How to grow or to start your digital or traditional business, free from geographical borders? How to make the best of your abilities? How to enjoy your wealth?

The legislation

Visas, residency, passports. Double taxation. Territorial or residence-based taxation. Programmes and schemes designed to attract new residents.

You are exhausted with the comments you read on forums. 

You are disappointed with the unverified, vague information, that will likely lead to severe mistakes.

When you think about your business, your savings and your family, you want peace of mind. You want to protect the future of your children.

You need guidance and a clear plan.

Hi, I'm Mario Gastaldi

I am an expat and a digital entrepreneur myself. I have already lived in three countries, and I still hold my residency in each one of them. I speak and work in three languages, managing online projects with partners and clients from 77 countries across the world.

I work from the comfort of my own home. I listen to the tropical birds, while enjoying the refreshing breeze and the view in my new, cosmopolitan city.

It was not easy for me, either.

It took me years to decide. I was afraid to burn up my savings. I feared I could not do it. But I did not give up. Taking action and learning from my mistakes worked.

I did it, and so can you. Better and faster than me. You can avoid the inevitable mistakes you would make if left on your own, and you can save a lot of money.

I'll give you a 3-step plan



Work, life and business experience. 

Goals and wishes.

Relationships, knowledge, potential. Financial situation. 


strategy and PLANNING

Work and business. Legal structure, visas and residency.

Offshore companies, bank accounts, taxation and business environment.

Long-term perspective for you and your family.



Applications for new residency. Company incorporation. Logistics and everything that is involved in the move.

What's at stake.

You can decide to stay idle, or you can take control. 

You can transform your business and your life, happily with your family in a country that rewards wealth, work and initiative.

You can choose to pay almost no taxes, legally.

You are making this decision right now as you read.

You can open yourself to the world. You can start your journey right now.